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Disclaimer: These peer coaching articles describe what some savvy, successful CPAP users have done to make their treatment successful. Not written by healthcare professionals. The information and opinions may not necessarily be correct or helpful for you and your unique needs. Rely on sound, well informed medical advice from your doctors and other healthcare professionals well versed in treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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IF I ONLY KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW! Blog Purpose: To help you with your CPAP therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). For those with OSA, family, friends, physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, sleep technicians. Why This Came to Be: I didn’t have the information I needed for successful CPAP treatment when I needed it. A kind sleep lab technician with OSA told me about a web site he had heard about from another patient, www.cpaptalk.com. The rest is history. It took me months of reading hundreds of posts to gather the information I needed while suffering through equipment struggles. Not everyone has that time or wants to struggle needlessly. I wrote up my own experience and advice from the collective wisdom of experienced CPAP users on cpaptalk.com. Thanks to them, my treatment is working. I’m not sure I could have done it without them. The online CPAP equipment store www.cpap.com created cpaptalk.com. I appreciate what they are giving back to the CPAP community through their website forum, as well as their fair prices. NOBODY IS AS SMART AS EVERYBODY! To email me, send a private message to Mile High Sleeper at www.cpaptalk.com.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Table of Contents with links within this blog

Updated December 2011

1 Sleeping with the Enemy
2 Evaluating Your Sleep, Denial and Awareness
3 Sleep Study and Alternatives
4 Diagnosing Sleep Apnea without Insurance
5 Social and Psychological Factors in Sleep Disorder Recovery
6 Resources for Learning about Sleep Apnea
7 CPAP Adaptation Stages and Recovery
8 Seven Stages of CPAP and What Is Feeling Good?
9 Tips for Newcomers to Sleep Apnea
10 Your CPAP Support Team
11 Short List of My Best PAP Equipment
12 CPAP Machine Choices
13 CPAP Humidifiers
14 CPAP Mask Choices
15 Solving CPAP Mask Problems (typo in title)
16 Solving Common CPAP Equipment Problems
17 Checking Your CPAP Machine Settings – Basic Information
18 Changing Your CPAP Pressure Settings
19 Everyday CPAP Safety
20 Preventing and Reporting Errors in Your Care
21 CPAP Equipment Cleaning and Replacement
22 Specific Health Conditions and OSA Recovery
23 Mike Moran’s CPAP Humor Links
24 More CPAP Humor Links
25 Sleep-Related Web Sites
26 Diary of Two Hoseheads
27 AWAKE Group Workshop Design for CPAP Peer Coaching